The choice of fonts is just as important as color and images in any piece of design. It represents your brand across channels, as well as reflects your brand’s characters and personalities. If chosen correctly, a font can draw customers to your brand. Otherwise, it can push your customers away. With thousands of fonts available to choose from, sometimes it’s confusing. So, a recommendation of the best free sources of fonts would be of great help for your design process.

Let’s take a look at the below list!

1. FreePik

This is the right place for free vector designs. Freepik is a search engine for graphic designers that offers high-quality illustrations and graphic resources. They are all selected by the experienced and dedicated design team. Freepik provides you with millions of free vector fonts to choose from, from meme fonts, modern fonts to aesthetic fonts, etc. Lots of fonts are downloadable without asking you to pay a single penny.

2. Free Typography

Free Typography has all you need, from a simple to a more unique font. This is one of the best and free sources of fonts, typefaces and typography for download. This platform also invites you to submit your own font, which is a useful way for designers to build up their portfolio. By sharing your fonts, you can connect with talented and creative designers all over the world.

3. Font Squirrel

If you’re looking for a free source of fonts to use for commercial purposes, this is the right place. Font Squirrel’s huge collection of fonts can provide you with what you need, from a corporate style font to a quirkier typeface. There’re hundreds of high-quality, free and completely legal fonts on this site.

Top 9 Best Free Sources Of Fonts Every Designer Must Know
Top 9 Best Free Sources Of Fonts Every Designer Must Know

4. FontStruct

Created by FontShop, this is a free online font-building platform. Designers are allowed to build and edit typefaces for free using geometrical shapes. These shapes are arranged in a grid pattern, which is chosen by the designers. You don’t have to learn complicated process of creating fonts to be able to use their tools.

It’s up to your decision to keep your creations to yourself or share them with other designers for feedback. FontStruct also let you download fonts created by other designers to use for free.

5. Open Foundry

This is a highly creative space for designers to explore their own potentials and capabilities. The site offers hundreds of free fonts, such as papyrus font or typewriter font, that are particularly optimized for web use.

6. Typecast

Typecast offers access to over 3,000 web fonts for free. The best thing about this platform is its great sources of most used fonts by celebrities. You’re guaranteed to be able to find the most influential typefaces on this site. So, if you’re working for a fashion brand or any brands that really want to stand out from the crowd, this is your place.

7. Fontshop

Founded in 1990 and based in Berlin, Germany, Fontshop is the premier retailer of professional fonts for desktop, web, and mobile with more than 150.000 quality fonts. Whether you’re a new designer looking for familiar fonts or you’re a seasoned designer looking for distinctive fonts, Fontshop can meet your needs.

Top 9 Best Free Sources Of Fonts Every Designer Must Know
Top 9 Best Free Sources Of Fonts Every Designer Must Know

On Fontshop, you can find a “freefont” section, which aims to transfer some of the designs’ potential value to you. All you need to do is log in to your account, go to “Product” and switch to “Styles’, select the freestyles, then checkout and enjoy playing around with the fonts you’ve got for free.

8. Typewolf

Launched recently in 2013 by Jeremiah Shoaf, who has been a designer for 16 years. The motivation to create this platform was sparked from Jeremiah’s own frustration by the lack of good resources for choosing fonts for design projects. Therefore, all details on Typewolf was created from the perspective of an experienced designer, who knows clearly about the requirements of design tasks.

The platform was created to gather the best typography resources and make finding the perfect fonts easy. Many of them can be downloaded for free. There’re not only lists of fonts but also resources on guides and recommendations on how to use typography. In addition, this site offers examples of how certain fonts have been used in real design works. This makes it a really helpful site, as designers can have a feel of what real posters or brochures look like in reality.

9. Fontspace

Fontspace has a huge collection of more than 32,000 free fonts from more than 2,000 designers. Unsurprisingly, it has more than 746,000 members who download free fonts regularly. Designers can find many free fonts to use for their projects easily. Popular, new, random fonts are all easy to find and download at no costs.

Unlike other sites, Fontspace doesn’t require you to register and fill out any information. This means you can download without logging in to your user account.

Aside from the above free sources for fonts, you can use DesignBold to have access to many free fonts for your design projects. You can easily design a brochure, poster, business card, logo, email header without going through courses of training on design skills.

Top 9 Best Free Sources Of Fonts Every Designer Must Know
Top 9 Best Free Sources Of Fonts Every Designer Must Know

A massive collection of templates facilitates your design process, saving you lots of time and money. All you need to do is choose your preferred template, click on “i” icon and start designing your own layouts. “Add Text” button on the left menu gives you access to hundreds of free fonts available right on this platform.

Final Words

There’re many free sources of fonts available for use just by a few clicks of the mouse. The above list provides you with the best sources for free fonts that you can try for your next design tasks. Regardless of what font you choose, it’s always important to make sure that your font reflects your brand identity.